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You've dipped your toes into frequency shifting and energetic alignment, but found yourself wanting more. Now, it's time to level up. Steady your frequency, amplify your prosperity mindset, and clear the path for wealth and resources to flow effortlessly.

Embark on the Prosperous Path and learn to unlock wealth and abundance through Kundalini Yoga

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What to Expect

The Prosperous Path series is an 8-class bundle offering unlimited replays on demand. In this transformative journey, we integrate mantra, meditation, breath, and movement to work on all levels of self simultaneously. These practices allow you to change your frequency, release what holds you back, and step onto your prosperous path.

Unlock the Power of Energy Shifting

Align your energy centers, aura, chakras, and entire being to radiate your highest frequency and attract abundance effortlessly.

Discover Your Inner Prosperity Location

Experience a profound sense of empowerment as you connect with your inherent prosperity.

Clear Subconscious Blocks and Patterns

Release subconscious blocks and patterns, both known and unknown, that hinder your prosperity and purpose.

Master Manifesting from the Heart

Learn the art of manifesting from the heart to become a magnetic attractor of abundance.

Get Ready to Level Up Your Vibe!

Discover the art of energy shifting, locate your inner prosperity hotspot, and align your chakras for abundance like never before. Say goodbye to subconscious barriers holding you back as you become magnetic AF by connecting and manifesting from the heart. Gain the resources needed to create a powerful, purposeful life and a regulated nervous system that can handle big energy.

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Because each of us have a Destiny and we need the resources to fuel us on our journey.

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